DARE – 3rd Year!


Officer Joedy picked up a donation of just over 20,000 trading cards for our 3rd Annual DARE donations to the kids in Bardstown, KY! This donation was 90% new stuff- tons of high end, chrome, non-sports and 125 certified autographs! Every single kid graduation will get a nice variation of cards, an unopened pack and an autographed card!
Brings our total to 3,946,435

Here is some of the pictures I took while working on the donation.

DSCF1274 DSCF1276 DSCF1277 DSCF1278 DSCF1280 DSCF1281 DSCF1282 DSCF1287 DSCF1289

Awesome Stuff This Week!

Got some great stuff this week!

First up, Timothy Harding from Livonia, Michigan!


Got even more boxes from our buddy Greig!

DSCF1256 DSCF1257 DSCF1258 DSCF1259

We got an incredible donation from Robert Stacey from Enfield, Connecticut. These came in at the perfect time and have already been put into our DARE donation! We try to keep a quick turn around time.

DSCF1294 DSCF1297 DSCF1298 DSCF1299 DSCF1301 DSCF1302

We also got donations from -

Cory Nichols – Louisville, KY
Michelle Jessee – Gallatin, Tennessee

Huge thanks to everyone for all of the support!!!

Mail and Pick Ups!

We got a ton of stuff through the mail and met two awesome folks personally to pick up stuff as well!

First up, Onofrio Demattia from Brooklyn New York!

DSCF1209 DSCF1210 DSCF1212 DSCF1214 DSCF1216 DSCF1217 DSCF1218 DSCF1220 DSCF1222

Jeremy Berry from Patoka, Indiana.

DSCF1225 DSCF1229

We met up with Chad Laytham in Lexington and picked up tons of cards and some awesome NCAA programs.

DSCF1231 DSCF1232 DSCF1233

Then we met a young lady in Louisville that only wants to be known as Baseball Fan; this young lady donate a ton of stuff before and this time she filled our van up again! I couldn’t even take pictures of a 10th of the stuff – from awesome cards to collector Wheaties boxes!

DSCF1235 DSCF1236 DSCF1237 DSCF1240 DSCF1241 DSCF1242 DSCF1244 DSCF1245 DSCF1246

Greig send in yet another box from Willoughby, Ohio


Derek Bopp from Fergus Falls, Minnesota.


And finally we got a box stuff full of cards from Marilyn Mccrory¬† from Cupertino, California but we haven’t sort them yet!

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the #C4KFamily!

New Total!

The folks from the Boyle Co Little League just picked up a little over 159,000 cards for the Jason Ellis donation in May. Left over cards will go to kids at other events and they also plan to share with little leagues in the surrounding area.

This donation brings us up to 3,921,345!!!

That is less than 80,000 cards from 4 million in just a little over 3 years!

We have gotten a ton of donations over the last week or so and we’ll be posting all about those tomorrow!

Huge thanks to the entire #C4KFamily!